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Gospel Gigs - Event Details
Event Details

Memphis Quartet Show
Memphis Quartet Show

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Event Information:   Get your tickets at https://www.quartetshow.com It`s our 1:00 pm MATINEE featuring the Memphis Quartet Show All-Star Quartet! What happens when you tell Michael Booth (Booth Brothers) to put together a quartet? You get The Memphis All-Star Quartet! Join Michael, Jonathan Wilburn (formerly of Gold City), Mike LeFevre (The LeFevre Quartet), and Pat Barker (The Guardians) for an afternoon of fun and great singing. Master pianist Nick Bruno (J.D. Sumner & The Stamps and The Kingsmen) will be on hand to keep everyone under control. Good luck, Nick! Doors open at Noon.
Event Date:   Jun 13 2024
Event Start Time:   1:00 p.m
Admission:   Ticketed Event   26.00
Venue Name:   Cannon Center of the Performing Arts
Venue Address:   255 N Main St
City:   Memphis
State/Providence:   TN
Zip/Postal Code:   38103
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Contact Person:   Memphis Quartet Show
Contact Phone:   (901)568-2389
Contact E-mail:   info@quartetshow.com